Warren McCullough Studio

On-Camera Acting Class

"If I had a friend or relative in Little Rock, Arkansas, who was interested in acting, the first thing I would do is send the person to Warren."

~Anita Jesse, L.A.'s premier acting coach


Dan Riesser

"Warren is terrific to work with. One of the most professional actors I've worked with, who also maintains that indie, DIY ethic that's really useful when things get hairy on set. After working with him once I specifically wrote a part with him in mind for my next film."


~Dan Riesser

Dan Riesser is a Los Angeles based producer, writer and  filmmaker.  Dan produces and directs sketch comedy for E! Entertainment's hit pop culture show THE SOUP with Joel McHale. Dan has produced hundreds of hours of comedic television and directed talent such as Simon Pegg, Eminem, Norman Reedus, and many more.


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