Warren McCullough Studio

On-Camera Acting Class

"If I had a friend or relative in Little Rock, Arkansas, who was interested in acting, the first thing I would do is send the person to Warren."

~Anita Jesse, L.A.'s premier acting coach


Jeff Leroy

"It was my great privilege to direct Warren on Creepies 2. Though we worked under cramped conditions, everyday he came to the set completely prepared with fresh ideas. Warren set the tone with his humor, professionalism and flexibility as noted from his inventiveness while operating a variety of complex props. As an actor and as a creative minded individual, he would be an asset to any film team."


~Jeff Leroy


Jeff Leroy is a multifaceted talent in the art of filmmaking. He has written ten movies, directed numerous television programs and more than a dozen feature films. He is also credited in cinematography, special effects, sound effects, visual effects, and pyrotechnics.    

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