Warren McCullough Studio

On-Camera Acting Class

"If I had a friend or relative in Little Rock, Arkansas, who was interested in acting, the first thing I would do is send the person to Warren."

~Anita Jesse, L.A.'s premier acting coach


On-Camera Class


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Actors take their class footage home!

Watch a live feed of scenes as they are being filmed!

As class scenes are being filmed, students will be able to watch a live feed of performances on a large screen tv in the studio. Those in front of the camera will be able to watch playback with the instructor, receive instruction, and make immediate adjustments to their next performance.

Actor's class footage will be recorded to an SDHC card (provided by the actor) which they can take home and watch for self evaluation and improvement. If you are a beginning actor and need material for a reel, this is a great opportunity to gain footage of your work.

Acting for film requires an emotional and technical transition from that of a stage performance. Since film captures even the smallest gesture and magnifies it 20 or 30 times, cinema demands a less flamboyant and stylized bodily performance from the actor than does the theater. The technique Warren teaches was learned from the very best in the business.  It teaches actors what they need to know to stand out as a professionals in their field.  Classes are on-going which means you can join anytime. You will be readily incorporated into the class and start making progress in film acting from the day you join.

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